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Steel Ocean is a Naval Warfare game that just recently got approved on the Steam Greenlight, the game offers the players over 100 ships which they will unlock by ranking up and upgrading their ships, it also provides the players with many maps and game modes that are randomly chosen and will only face vessels of their current tier so the matches are fair and square, the combat system is pretty good over all and each class has a major role for the team.


Players control ships and all its armament, at the exception of the light AA. Ships can have cannons, torpedoes, torpedo turrets, depth charges, heavy AA and airwings. The most notable differences between ships are armor thickness, firepower, speed and size. There are 6 classes, each one usually regrouped in their one tier-line in their respective faction. Each ship is manned by a crew of 5 commanders (who can be used on different ships at the same time) with 5 roles.


  • Destroyers
  • Light cruisers
  • Heavy cruisers
  • Battleships
  • Aircraft carriers
  • Submarines


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